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Great news on Easter 2019!. great-news-on-easter-2019-TTd.jpg
27.04.2019 15:56

Great news on Easter 2019!

Get to know how Ukrainians celebrate Easter and use a special Easter offer!
International Women
04.03.2019 12:40

International Women's Day

Do you know March, 8th is widely celebrated in Ukraine? Find out how to make this holiday special in a Ukrainian way to your lady.
Are you ready to St. Valentine’s Day?. are-you-ready-to-st-valentines-day-vZ7.jpg
04.02.2019 10:19

Are you ready to St. Valentine’s Day?

Is St.Valentine's Day popular in Ukraine? How to show your care about the girl on that day
Old New Year is here!. old-new-year-is-here-V4J.jpg
14.01.2019 16:34

Old New Year is here!

More about winter holidays in Ukraine
Day of Ivana Kupala in Ukraine. day-of-ivana-kupala-in-ukraine-6va.jpg
07.07.2018 12:57

Day of Ivana Kupala in Ukraine

Ivana Kupala Day Celebration Celebrating the day of Ivana Kupala is one of the ancient Ukrainian traditions. It has its origin in pagan times but is
Trinity celebrations in Ukraine. trinity-celebrations-in-ukraine-3Wg.jpg
28.05.2018 19:28

Trinity celebrations in Ukraine

It’s hard to overestimate the meaning of Trinity for Christians. Its traditions are kept since ancient times. Orthodox and Western Christians celebrate
Happy St. Patrick
16.03.2018 18:20

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  Slavic Girl team wishes you a happy St. Patrick's Day!   May the joy and good mood be with you today and forever! Come
How to treat a Ukrainian girl on International Women
06.03.2018 17:08

How to treat a Ukrainian girl on International Women's Day

Spring is a season of awakening nature and blossoming beauty. In our country, there is a wonderful tradition to celebrate a women’s day at the beginning
Maslenitsa or Pancake week in Ukraine. maslenitsa-or-pancake-week-in-ukraine-Qk7.jpg
13.02.2018 20:58

Maslenitsa or Pancake week in Ukraine

From 12th to 18th February this year Ukrainians have a Pancake Week (Maslenitsa) - a traditional Slavic holiday, celebrated during a week before the Great
St. Valentine’s Day traditions and presents. st-valentines-day-traditions-and-presents-oT5.png
09.02.2018 08:22

St. Valentine’s Day traditions and presents

Valentine's Day, which is annually celebrated on the 14th day of February, has long been covered with secretiveness and legends of its origin. Some