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About myself
I’m a woman with whom you can always find a topic to talk about! I like communication and I’m always open to meeting someone new!
I think kindness is something that should be cherished and spread. Also, I think this world need to have a bit more humour and laughter in it, don’t you agree?))
I might joke around and laugh in a good company but that doesn’t mean I have head in the clouds! I’m very serious woman , especially when it comes to true feelings and relationships…
Also I think life can’t be wasted and I try to discover all it’s treasures, so no sitting on the couch for me!
About him
I don’t need a perfect man, as I’m very far from perfect myself)))
What I look for is someone with whom I will feel comfortable being myself; someone who can make me feel at home even if we are lost in the woods… smile
I expect him to be ready for different life situations, where he needs his sense of humor, or his seriousness or his decisiveness to take part. After all a man should stay a man no matter what.
He has to be loyal to me and our family. Only trustworthy man can melt my heart and have all of my love and tenderness