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About myself
I have a rich imagination and pronounced creative abilities. In my life I have mastered the skills of acting and the art of choral conducting. By nature, I am a purposeful and confident person. When I want something, I try to get it. I have a high sense of justice and I can say about myself that I am honest and sincere. At the same time, I am kind and attentive to people close to me and ready to provide my friends with any help. Friends say that I have a great sense of humor, I am cheerful and always "the soul of the company".
About him
My man is first of all wise and patient. It's no secret that women are much more emotional than men, much more mobile internally and sometimes even more anxious. I believe that if a man is ready to accept me with my fears, in a bad mood, tired, not always looking like from the cover of a magazine, then this is true love. And the man is my fortress, support and strength. I appreciate the ability to see the positive and find humor in almost any situation, even the most difficult one. And in general, if we have fun together, if we laugh a lot and often, we are definitely an ideal couple.
And of course, a special item on the list will always be man's tenderness for me, his attention and love. His respect for me, his infinite kindness and warmth, and I am ready, in turn, to give my warmth, kindness, affection and love.