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About myself
My relatives and friends describe my personality as easy-going, interesting and funny. I like to be around people more than to stay alone. Although, from time to time it’s also nice to stay at home alone, listen to some pleasant and calm music and concentrate my thoughts on something important, on my future. I’m a kind and polite person. You will rarely find me angry or in bad mood. I am responsible and do my best to bring all things till the end.
About him
I would like to find a man who will be my support in life. Honesty is one of the most important traits of character for me, that’s why my man should be honest and reliable first of all. It would be nice if he possesses a kind heart and will treat all people with decency and respect. It would be great if he has a resolute personality, knows exactly what he wants in life and tries to achieve his goals like me. A great sense of humor is a something that will make me fall in love with him very easily. :)