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We are proud to present our happy couples!
Nos Histoires d'Amour
Irina et James (Angleterre). irina-and-james-england-Mly.jpg
27.08.2019 20:32

Irina et James (Angleterre)

Irina started her search through the SlavicGirl Dating Agency in fall 2015. When she stepped to the agency she was a single mother of two grown twins:
Nataliya et George (Allemagne). nataliya-and-george-germany-64K.jpg
08.08.2019 12:55

Nataliya et George (Allemagne)

One chapter starts a long novel. Meet our new couple Nataliya and George (Germany). Their love story started in a usual for us way – with writing
Victoria et Manfred (Allemagne). victoria-and-manfred-germany-636.jpg
20.06.2019 20:53

Victoria et Manfred (Allemagne)

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful lady Victoria. Her prince Manfred has found her profile on the site and started to write to her. Of course, he
Lubov and Stefano (Italie). lubov-and-stefano-italy-ahd.jpg
30.03.2019 13:17

Lubov and Stefano (Italie)

Chaque histoire d'amour est vraiment spéciale et belle. Et celle-ci n'est pas une exception! :)   Stefano a remarqué le
Olga et John (Etats-Unis). olga-and-john-usa-VmC.jpg
06.08.2018 11:40

Olga et John (Etats-Unis)

Quand Olga est venue à l'agence matrimoniale SlavicGirl en août 2016, elle a presque immédiatement rencontré John. Et ils
Elena et Jim L. (USA) témoignage. jim-and-elena-usa-testimonial-oW9.jpg
06.12.2017 16:15

Elena et Jim L. (USA) témoignage

Une famille - L ******* Jim et Elena!   Elena L *******   Le 14 avril 2017   Chères dames de l'agence "Slavic
Elena et Jim D. (USA) témoignage. elena-and-jim-usa-testimonial-G1i.jpg
10.11.2017 13:12

Elena et Jim D. (USA) témoignage

  10 ноября 2017 г., 5:33 AM пользователь 'Елена И*****' <*****@gmail.com> написал:   Добрый
Anastasia et Frank (Allemagne). anastasia-and-frank-germany-7U1.jpg
09.08.2017 08:57

Anastasia et Frank (Allemagne)

Classic scenarios never get old. This wonderful story is not an extraordinary one, though it is a fairy-tale of a true love. Frank communicated with
Alla et Adam (Canada). alla-and-adam-canada-6Wr.jpg
22.04.2017 12:18

Alla et Adam (Canada)

Alla was searching for her destiny for several years since 2010. She was a single mother and had to provide for her daughter and herself. Therefore, she
Anzhela et Erik (Norvège). anzhela-and-erik-norway-2vy.jpg
30.10.2016 11:59

Anzhela et Erik (Norvège)

  Quite often impressed by their relatives’ and friends’ amazing experience Ukrainian ladies come to the SlavicGirl dating agency
Ludmila et John (Grande Bretagne). ludmila-and-john-united-kingdom-9e3.jpg
18.10.2016 18:25

Ludmila et John (Grande Bretagne)

Quite often love comes to us after a number of trials and errors. But this love story is different. Ludmila was striving to get new acquaintances when
Oksana et Cyril (France). oksana-and-cyril-france-4ze.jpg
17.10.2016 14:23

Oksana et Cyril (France)

The correspondence with Oksana was not long before Cyril decided to come to Ukraine. He was planning to meet several ladies except Oksana who was on top