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Last updated on 26 May 2024

     Lawyers, while there may be many misconceptions about you, all of you are, in fact, just like the rest of us and most certainly deserving of finding friendship and love. Much like many medical professionals, a lawyer's working life is not as simple as it may seem. Lawyers do not work a standard 9-5 job. There are many days that they need to work on cases later into the evening, take work home with them, or land with extra work at the last minute. You are a Lawyer yourself so understand what an impact this career can have on your dating life. It has actually been recorded that the job title ‘lawyer’ is the most swiped profession on dating sites. For this reason, most lawyers, much like yourself, look for love within their profession but do not want to, necessarily, find it within their own workplace. 

Dating chat rooms aimed specifically at lawyers pave the way for lawyers to find friends and, hopefully, develop meaningful relationships that could become romantic. The best part about these chat rooms is that they are full of people who will be completely understanding when it comes to sudden cancellations, late-night work, and reading of multiple journals and books. As with most people, lawyers do not want to date within their own establishment as it can become awkward if things go wrong. Also, the people you will meet during your time at work cannot be dated by you. It would be deemed highly unprofessional for you to date a client and it could lead to you losing your job.
Many lawyers have, in the past, struggled to find love using dating chat rooms because their job either intimidates other people or puts them off due to the complexity and workload that comes with the role. However, the introduction of ‘profession-specific’ chat rooms has helped solve this problem! Now, it could be that some of you are thinking that dating another lawyer may not be the best option for you but there are positives to dating someone in the same profession as you.

  • The first positive is that they have the same professional background as you. Meeting people from different backgrounds, including their career, is not a negative but dating someone with the same, or similar, career to you definitely has its bonuses. The first of these bonuses is that both of you will understand what the other one is saying when the topic of work comes up. While you will not be able to discuss the finer details of cases or name those involved you may still discuss particular aspects. If you have to explain yourself every thirty seconds because the other person does not understand the terminology or processes it can get a bit boring or laborious for you. If you date another lawyer they, in theory, should understand everything you are talking about which makes dating much easier!
  • Let's be honest, everyone knows that being a lawyer is not as simple as going to work at 9 am and getting home at 5 pm. It is highly likely that you will have meetings that end later than planned or that you have to work on a case at weekends or at home. Your free time can sometimes be impacted at the last minute or can happen at random points. You need to date someone who understands this, and probably goes through this with their own career, and will be there for you when you are free! You just have to make sure that you both MAKE time for each other, especially if your careers make you very busy!
  • Your work commitments probably make it very difficult for you to meet someone outside of your usual friend and/ or work circle. Socializing or meeting new people can be difficult when you have to work long hours or have lots of background reading to do. You will want to create a romantic relationship away from your work circle so that things do not get awkward if things go wrong! Lawyer dating sites provide you with the platform to meet people from the same profession, get to know each other and hopefully establish a connection!
  • It could be said that lawyers think differently from most other people. You are trained to think differently, you might be highly objective in subjective situations, which is actually a double-edged sword. This can come across as cold when it is not intended. The benefit of dating another lawyer is that you will both understand how the other thinks and not take any perceived ‘coldness’ personally. If you are both lawyers you will understand how the other person views certain situations. 
  • As you are well aware, lawyers love everything about hard facts and ‘solid’ relationships. You will both want the relationship to be open, honest, and solid in its foundations. When a lawyer dates a ‘non-lawyer’ that is more easy-going things can get a bit touchy. This is because you have one person (you) who prefers clear direction while the other person may be more on the vague side. Like the old sayings go, ‘stick to what you know’ or ‘better the devil you know’.

These are some of the added bonuses of dating another lawyer. You may decide you prefer to date someone who is not a lawyer so that things are a bit less predictable. However, we are sure that most of you prefer to be in a relationship that is a bit more predictable and clear!

Tips & Advice for your Messages in our Lawyer Chat Rooms

     You may think that because you and your prospective date both work within the same profession you know exactly what to talk about the topics you may need to avoid. However, this is not necessarily true. There are in fact questions that you should not ask (at least in the beginning) and topics that you should avoid (again, especially in the beginning). Just because you share your area of work does not mean that the conversation will come naturally easy.  The first reason for this is that while you both might be lawyers you could be working in very different areas. First, we are going to look at the questions and topics to avoid.

  • You do not want to delve too deep into their personal life. This could be said when dating anyone. Information about their financial situation and/ or relationship history should only be shared when each person is ready and a connection based on mutual trust has been well established. Do not ask questions such as ‘How much do you earn in a year?’, ‘why aren’t you married yet?’, ‘why did your last relationship fail?’ etc as you are likely to put your new lawyer friend off rather than encourage a relationship.  Only discuss past relationships if they bring it up and are happy to! 
  • Do not focus too much on work. While we suggest that you discuss your respective careers this should not be the sole focus of your discussions. More often than not most lawyers do not want to discuss their work too much, especially when trying to establish romantic connections. Sure, ask about the particular aspect of law they are in, and discuss yours, but be understanding if they wish to move away from the subject!    
  • You should already be aware of this next one so we apologize if we are telling you how to suck eggs. You should not ask about particular cases or discuss any of your own professional experiences either. You must make sure to always remain professional. If you discuss any of these cases you would not only be breaking confidentiality but also showing them that you cannot be trusted as you are discussing very private information.
  • Don’t be boring! Yes, lawyers are intelligent but that does not mean they want to discuss mundane topics. Lawyers want to enjoy their dating conversations, so make sure you keep it interesting so that they do not lose interest in you and head somewhere else!

Now, the most important things to remember are the topics you should discuss and the questions that are a definite must to ask! Here, we are going to look at the topics and questions that are definitely appropriate when dating a lawyer and talking with them (whether online or in person).

  • This is not necessarily an easy one so tread carefully. You can always ask them about their day. However, as you are fully aware, you cannot ask about details of a specific client or case but you can always ask how their day was. They will appreciate the fact that someone wants to know how their day was and give them the opportunity to talk about it. They will respond in kind, knowing that it is highly like you have not been asked how your day went. 
  • A lawyer’s spare time is precious and so it is highly likely that they make very specific plans, and well in advance. You could ask your prospective date what their plans are for the upcoming weekend or the next few days. You will show your genuine interest in them by asking about their social life and not just focusing on the professional side. The ultimate goal here is to get to the point where you are making plans together, and romantic plans at that! 
  • It is always good to find out about your dates journey. We do not mean that you should pry into their dating history or find out every private piece of information. You could ask about their professional journey and see if there are any similarities! This sharing of information is a great way to get to know each other while learning about each other’s professional journey so far. It is also a good time to ask your date advice about your career or discuss where your career may be headed in the future!
  • It is likely that your prospective date would much rather talk about something other than their profession. You could talk about memories from your childhood, ask them about their family, or discuss your hobbies. Not only is this a wonderful way of getting to know each other but also works wonders as a back-and-forth conversation. You can discuss the similarities and differences between you both (for all of the aforementioned topics), share comical stories from the past, and see how your families compare. One piece of advice here though. When discussing families make sure you do not ask too deep a question. You do not want to upset your lawyer date!
  • If you have started your dating journey with your lawyer online then we hope that you will have taken the time to read their profile. This is the best thing you can do to make a fantastic impression. If you comment on what they write or ask questions relating to their profile it will show you have taken the time to find out more about them before engaging them in conversation. Lawyers are thorough by nature, as you know, and will appreciate someone showing genuine interest in them. 
  • This next one could be said of dating anyone, no matter their profession. Medical professionals are used to being heard every day. However, it is possible that they are not always listened to properly. There is a stark difference between hearing and listening. When conversing with your medical date you need to show that you actively listen to what they have to say.  You can demonstrate this by making relevant comments and asking appropriate questions. They, like anyone, will greatly appreciate the fact that you truly listen to what they have to say. However, make sure that the conversation works both ways and that they do not only talk about themselves. If they do, then this is a red flag!

One thing that is important to remember is that you should not use your position against your prospective date. It could be true of any workplace or industry that people in certain positions look down upon those in other areas. Some lawyers may feel that others are beneath them because of their rank or area of expertise. Make sure that you respect all the positions within the lawyer world when dating another professional. Remember, you are looking to date the person, not the job title!

Date Ideas for Your Perfect Lawyer Dating!

     You may either start your lawyer dating journey in the offline world or move there from the online world. Either way, you will want to make sure your dates are enjoyable for both parties involved and that you plan dates that help take you from friends to a romantic couple. We fully understand how hectic the life of a lawyer can be so your dating experience may look different from many others as your free time can come later in the day, be interrupted regularly, and primarily at the weekend (namely Sundays). Here we look at some of the different date ideas for lawyers that help your journey blossom into something beautiful!

  1. You could, if you are dating in ‘real life’, show up at their office with their favorite lunch (or dinner if they are working late) so that you can still spend time together during their busy schedule (that’s if your schedule allows it too!). Just make sure their bosses are happy with you doing this and staying to eat with them.
  2. Plan your weekends accordingly. This could be the only spare time you have and you do not want to waste (all) of it watching television. You could plan to head off to street festivals, food events, or live music. Go on a date where there is hustle and bustle, the polar opposite of the working week in the office!
  3. Lawyers spend most of their time inside a building, probably craving some time outside! To remedy this you could head for a picnic as a date. You and your date can breathe in fresh air, enjoy some delicious food, and talk about everything other than the stresses of the week. Other outside date ideas are going for long walks along the beach, hikes in the forests, or a simple stroll in the local park. 
  4. Even a lawyer enjoys a classic. You could head out for a coffee and a chat. This date is perfect if you do not have much time and can get together during a break rather than a long date. You could plan to go out for a romantic meal together. Try a new restaurant, eat wonderful food, and learn more about your lawyer date!
  5. If you have dated for a little while, you can start introducing new date ideas. Some of this will be dependent on your interests. You could get a nice bottle of wine, turn off the television, turn on some music, and have a cheese and wine night. One fun game that all people, not just medical professionals do, is the date night choosing game. People play rock, paper, scissors. Whoever wins each round picks something different for the night, for example, the first winner picks the starter, the second the main, the third the desserts, fourth the drinks. You could do the same to pick your activity. Not only is this fun, and different every time, but it provides you with a wonderful evening!
  6. As lawyers are generally considered to be intellectual, intelligent people you could head on a date that benefits both your brains and your romance. You and your lawyer date could head to a museum, art gallery, or exhibition. Learn new things while finding out more about your date. You may even want to visit a show. 
  7. Something to consider is the dates you should not go on. You should avoid the cinema or anything too loud that hinders your chances of talking with your date. You need to be able to talk to your date so that your romance can blossom!

When dating a lawyer you need to be understanding of their schedule, think outside the box when it comes to dates, and treat them in the same way you wish to be treated. Do all this and they will respond in kind. Make sure you are always polite, respectful, and listen!


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