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About myself
I don't ever think that life can't give a second, third chance. I am always on a positive vibe. The world is changing rapidly but there is something that stays unique in it and it is for sure relations between two people. You can walk thousands of miles and realise that your treasure is there, nearby you, - someone wise said. But I think as time passes and a destiny date in your country didn't happen yet it is time to spread wings and look a bit further.) I hope, you are watching overseas too as the soul-mate can be from afar as well. I have a very unique character, I am a great mom, daughter and sunshine for my dearest people. The role of a beloved woman is still ahead for me.
About him
He is not trivial and dominant. He enjoys every moment nearby a beloved person as people say: "Love is the wish of yours to touch the one you care for, to be always near". He follows healthy way of life because he cares for our future kids to be healthy and for us to live at least for a century and more together in clear mind and body.