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About myself
I am sure that all women write very beautiful descriptions of themselves and present themselves in the best way. But I want to be really open and honest, because these are very important aspects in my life.
I can be very joyful and cheerful, but when I have some kind of difficulty, of course I can get upset, because I am a living person. I really want to have that person next to me who can support me and say that everything will be fine!
I am a kind of sunshine who always inspires everyone around, but I really want to inspire my man and support him)
For me, the perfect morning is a cup of coffee in nature) But I would also like to share this cup with my man) Maybe it will be you?) Write to me and we will know it for sure)
About him
What kind of man am I looking for? As honest and open as I am. We can always support and fill each other, spend time together: go for a walk, watch some interesting movie together, cook breakfast for each other. Yes, there is still a romantic person inside of me)))
I am looking for a man who is easy-going, with whom we could spontaneously agree and go to anywhere and spend this moment together)
A man who is ready to meet halfway, and appreciates family values as much as I do)