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About myself
I would like you to know some facts about me. I am artistic with a sense of taste and imagination. I am kind-hearted, strict, honest and a bit of naughty. I adore smiling and my friends say that wherever I appear, it becomes warmer and brighter, that I am like the sun! :-) I have one weapon to seduce you and if one day we are closer you’ll guess my zest=) I live usual life and use those rules which dictates my mind, upbringing and the soul. For complete happiness I just miss my second half.
About him
We often search for our ideal woman or man on the magazines’ glossy covers and we don’t understand that photographer, make up artist, stylist have made him or her ideal. Actually ideal person maybe even doesn’t know he is ideal. For me ideal man is that man who invites me for coffee, shows care and attention, and loyal in every sphere of life. He is patient, I can rely on him in difficult situation. He is true, open, honest and generous.