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IT & Tech Dating: Meet and Chat with Programmers & Professionals in IT

Last updated on 26 May 2024

      Let’s be honest, the IT (information technology) and technological world now dominates most of our lives. Whether we work directly within the IT/ Technology world or not it is a huge part of our everyday life. We all, probably, use some form of technology in our place of work, at home, and as part of our social lives. Many of us probably take for granted the technology we have available to us, forgetting that some not only created the technology we use but that someone out there is either making sure it works properly or is working to create an even better technologically advanced world!

The IT/ Technology world is extremely vast and there are now many, many professionals who work within this industry. If we were to list every department or element of this industry we would never get to the part where we discuss dating! It is highly likely that you are reading this and thinking “I work in the IT world”. If so, this page is for you! As you are more than aware, technology does not have downtime, not anymore anyway! This means that many professionals work around the clock to ensure that all technology and IT is working to the best of its ability, whether that is personal devices, those used for different occupations, or the technology that defends our country.  If you work within the IT world you will know that dating may not always be easy, especially if you have to work long hours or may need to be called out at any moment to fix a problem. Therefore, many people decide that they should date someone who is also within the IT/ Tech world and this has many benefits!

  • You may decide you want to move away and date someone out of the tech world as you would prefer someone with a different career path. However, if you are considering dating another member of the IT/ Tech crowd then read on, starting with the benefits!
  • The first positive is that they have the same professional background as you. Meeting people from different backgrounds, including their career, is not a negative but dating someone with the same, or similar, career to you definitely has its bonuses. The first of these bonuses is that both of you will be able to relate to the other when the topic of work comes up. You won't have to explain any of the technical language or worry that you are boring your date too much when you discuss different programs, algorithms, or technology. Another aspect of this is that you will always have a common topic with your date and can ask for advice etc. 
  • As previously mentioned, another IT/ Tech professional will understand the hours you work. Some IT/ Tech work can take place during usual, daytime working hours. However, there is a lot of IT work that takes place during other, less sociable hours. If you are dating someone within the same industry they will, likely, be more understanding of your working hours. This will make dating much easier as you will both understand if the other cannot make plans for a while or may need to change plans at the last minute. 

You could argue that all IT/ Tech professionals have very similar personality traits. Some of those traits are adaptability, intelligence, attention to detail, and logical thinking. IT/ Tech professionals will look for people with similar traits, such as those within the same industry. Now, this does not mean that every IT professional will be the perfect partner but you will enter into a relationship with another like-minded person knowing that they, should, have most, if not all, of these traits!

Many people would argue that dating someone with a completely different career to you has far more potential for success. However, it is probably more likely that dating someone from the same professional background as you: provides you with more chances of romantic success. This is because you will immediately have something in common!

Tips & Advice for Online Messaging in Programmer Chat or Other Interaction That Is!

      You may think that because you and your prospective date both work within the same profession you know exactly what to talk about and the topics you may need to avoid. However, this is not necessarily true. There are in fact questions that you should not ask (at least in the beginning) and topics that you should avoid (again, especially in the beginning). Just because you share your area of work does not mean that the conversation will come naturally easy.  The first reason for this is that while you both might be in the IT/ Tech industry, you could be working in very different departments! First, we are going to look at the questions and topics to avoid.

  • You do not want to delve too deep into their personal life. This could be said when dating anyone. Information about their financial situation and/ or relationship history should only be shared when each person is ready and a connection based on mutual trust has been well established. Do not ask questions such as ‘How much do you earn in a year?’, ‘why aren’t you married yet?’, ‘why did your last relationship fail?’ etc as you are likely to put your new friend off rather than encourage a relationship.  Only discuss past relationships if they bring it up and you are both happy to discuss them.
  • It is better not to focus too much on work. While we suggest that you discuss your respective careers this should not be the sole focus of your discussions. It is always good to discuss your respective journeys and the particular parts of the tech world you both work in. However, you want to get to know the person, not just their profession, so make sure you discuss more than just work!!
  • Unless you work in the IT/ Tech department of a big company and you need to keep things confidential you are probably okay to share stories and experiences from work. If you do work for a big company make sure to keep things confidential! 

You need to avoid being boring. Just because you both work in IT (and are considered by many to be geeks (in the nicest way!)) does not mean you have to be boring! Make sure to keep your topics and questions interesting and relevant!

Now, the most important things to remember are the topics you should discuss and the questions that are a definite must to ask! Here, we are going to look at the topics and questions that are definitely appropriate when dating a member of the IT/ Tech world and talking with them (whether online or in person).

  • It is highly likely that you have both spent the day dealing with computer-based issues and have not been asked how you are but how you can fix something! Ask them how they are, how their day went etc. Just make sure this is a normal question and not something you ask every five minutes!
  • IT and Tech professional, while loving their job, actually look forward to doing something that has no link to any form of technology!! Make sure to ask about their hobbies, how they spend their free time, and what their upcoming plans are - for the evening, weekend, or next bit of time off work!
  • It is always good to find out about your dates journey. We do not mean that you should pry into their dating history or find out every private piece of information. You could ask about their professional journey and see if there are any similarities! You could discuss where you both studied,  why you entered into that particular aspect of the IT/ Tech world, and, possibly, what your long-term goals are. This will show your interest in the ‘whole them’, not just their social or career side. 
  • It is likely that your prospective date would much rather talk about something other than their profession. You could talk about memories from your childhood, ask them about their family, or discuss your hobbies. Not only is this a wonderful way of getting to know each other but also works wonders as a back-and-forth conversation. You can discuss the similarities and differences between you both (for all of the aforementioned topics), share comical stories from the past, and see how your families compare. One piece of advice here though. When discussing families make sure you do not ask too deep a question. You do not want to upset your IT/ Tech date!
  • If you have started your dating journey with your date online then we hope that you will have taken the time to read their profile. This is the best thing you can do to make a fantastic impression. If you comment on what they write or ask questions relating to their profile it will show you have taken the time to find out more about them before engaging them in conversation. IT professionals pay attention to detail at all times and will appreciate someone else who does the same!
  • This next one could be said of dating anyone, no matter their profession. Ask general, open-ended questions. Try not to ask closed questions (those that seek a yes or no answer). You want to make sure the conversation flows at all times. You could discuss a whole host of topics such as films, cooking, music, travel, etc. Just make sure that the topics you pick are of interest to you both! If you do all of the talking they will get bored very quickly!

Whether you are a high-level IT technician or just starting out as an apprentice you must make sure to treat the other person fairly and not make them feel low because of their current professional level. You will both pay attention to the small details and WILL remember what is said to you so make sure you are both honest…always!

Date Ideas for IT Professionals, Programmers, and Tech Folks!

      You may either start your IT/ Tech dating journey in the offline world or move there from the online world. Either way you will want to make sure your dates are enjoyable for both parties involved and that you plan dates that help take you from friends to a romantic couple. Depending on which aspect of IT/ Tech you are in you may have to work night shifts which means dating can become difficult. However, the below date ideas should be accessible for all!

  • Plan your weekends/ free time accordingly. This could be the only spare time you have and you do not want to waste (all of) it watching television. You could plan to head off to street festivals, food events, or live music. You need to make sure that you both plan your dates with each other in mind. You want your time together to be time well spent, not time wasted with one of you wishing for a different activity!
  • If you have been stuck inside all week, in front of a computer, you will probably want to head outdoors and get some fresh air!! Why not head out for a picnic together? You will both benefit from some fresh air, good food, and some wonderful company as well as seeing some sunlight!
  • Who doesn’t enjoy a classic date? You could take your date out for a romantic meal, head for a coffee date or just go for a romantic walk. As the old saying goes, if ain't broke why fix it? Just make sure you pick a date that gives you both the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. The old classic of going to the ‘pictures’ (cinema) is not really viable as you will not have the chance to actually speak with each other. You do not want to spend up to two hours in silence, staring at a screen….especially if you have done that all week!
  • A themed dinner date is another fantastic date idea. This is where you pick a particular cuisine and run with it! You pick a cuisine that you both like and either cook that meal together or order it in! Open a bottle of wine, eat some delicious food, and spend some quality time together!
  • If you have dated for a little while, you can start introducing new date ideas. Some of this will be dependent on your interests. You could get a nice bottle of wine, turn off the television, turn on some music, and have a cheese and wine night. One fun game that all people, not just IT/ Tech professionals, do, is the date night choosing game. People play rock, paper, scissors. Whoever wins each round picks something different for the night, for example, the first winner picks the starter, the second the main, the third the desserts, the fourth the drinks, etc. You could do the same to pick your activity. Not only is this fun, and different every time, but it provides you with a wonderful evening!
  • While you both work in IT/ Tech you may well want to move away from this completely on your dates. Why not head away from tech and head to a museum or art gallery? Learn about pre-tech things while finding out more about each other! It will probably do you both good to get away from the tech world for a while!
  • If you are both inside at a desk or working on tech all day you must make sure you are in good physical shape. Whether you go on a bike ride, hike, or take part in a sport together you could both get active while learning more about each other. On the flip side, you may want a quieter date where you spend more time together. One of the quieter date ideas is a games night together. Look into how to play a game with just two players, have some lovely food, and enjoy playing a game together. You will probably have a good idea of some excellent computer games you could both enjoy! This is a great idea as it will completely distract you both from work while giving you time to chat and build more of a connection. Just make sure that if you pick an active date idea you both want to do it and will enjoy it! 
  • If you have been dating for a little while, a fantastic idea is to do the raffle idea. This is where you both have scraps of paper and write down different date ideas you would like to go on. You fold these pieces of paper and put them in a jar or container of some sort when it comes to planning a date you pick one of the pieces of paper and go on that date! Just make sure you both only put ideas that you will both be, at least, happy to try. This gives you both something to look forward to when you’ve been staring at a screen or fixing broken technology all week!

Many people feel that those in the IT/ Tech world simply work 9-5, five days a week. Let’s be honest, we all know that is not true! There are times when you will work evenings or night shifts and so your dates will have to be arranged around this and sleep. You may have times when a date is interrupted with a panicked phone call from a business needing your support or your being called in at the weekend. Either way, you will both understand this and will find ways to ensure your dates still happen. 

Some Useful Websites

There are many, many dating sites out there which can sometimes make the online dating world a complicated place to visit! This used to be especially difficult when looking for something specific. However, these days it is much easier to find what you are looking for. If you are working within the IT/ Tech world and want to find another computer whizz to establish a friendship and, who knows, a romantic connection with it could not be easier! At the time of writing, we cannot find a particular site aimed at those in the IT/ Tech world. However, you could head over to one of the more well-known sites such as, elite singles, or Zoosk. These days you can refine your search on a dating website to ensure you find other educators to converse with and start a wonderful relationship!


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