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Daria and Fabien met on slavic-girl.com website in the spring of 2021, and in the summer they already had their first date. The lady registered on the site on the advice of her mother and was at first a little skeptical about online dating. However, once she got acquainted with Fabien, her opinion changed drastically! The couple's communication on the site was short and intensive, and three months later they already had their first real date. To meet Daria Fabien came to Ukraine for only a few days, but this was enough for them to feel the spark and develop mutual sympathy.

The next meeting took place a few weeks later, and after that the lady went to France to get acquainted with the man’s way of life and his family. Their relationship on distance lasted for two years, during which the lady learned French.

In the winter of 2022 Daria was in France, but because of the full-scale Russian invasion she was unable to return to Ukraine, and had to stay in France for longer. In the summer 2022 the couple got engaged.

While preparing for the wedding Daria lived in France. She managed to complete French language courses at the university, and in the summer of 2023 the wedding of Daria and Fabien took place.