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Rencontres au Royaume-Uni

UK Dating - Places to Meet Girls and Mature Single Women in the UK  

  It is easy to name a thousand and one reasons why millions of tourists from all over the world seek to visit the UK. Yes, the country is small and it is easy to go around it all in a short vacation. Yes, there are 30 UNESCO sites and 15 national parks, including the incredibly beautiful Lake District. Yes, here in one day you can see monuments of completely different eras from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. Yes, the local population, even in the 21st century, honors the traditions of three centuries ago. Yes, the queen lives here with her family that has grown in recent years but has become even more popular.

  For others, Great Britain is black cabs, double-decker buses, red telephone booths, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Marilyn, Abramovich with his Chelsea, Lina Stogova from a Soviet English textbook, Lewis Hamilton is a Formula 1 champion ... Great Britain looks like one big myth. And it's worth coming here at least to believe in its existence.
It is also worth coming here with your girlfriend or making new acquaintances.
Find out from our guides what places you must see: