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How to recognize an ideal woman

How to recognize an ideal woman. how-to-recognize-an-ideal-woman-WA9.jpg

When you meet your "only", a cliche about “butterflies in the stomach” makes a new meaning for you. In fact, not only your heart determines whom you need. Your body can do it! Remember how much you were affected by inexplicable, physical reactions only because you were next to the person you liked.

Of course, you can not just go into the doctor's office and find out from him whether you really met "that one")) However, there are certain indications that your body can give you indicating the special status of your partner. Here are they.

1. Heat

You will feel warm and open when you are with the one you need. If you feel uncomfortable when you date women, you should say them goodbye and go on your search. Good relationships always give warmth and comfort, a feeling that this is “your” woman.

2. Optimism

If you permanently feel depressed in a relationship, then you are mistaken with the choice of partner. However, if you feel optimistic every time you meet her, if you want to amaze her, this may be the person you want. In other words, together with this woman your glass is half full, not half empty.

3. Motivation

Being life partners is great when you are filled with positive vibes and feel motivated. And this encourages you to be more productive. If a woman makes you feel sluggish or draining your energy, run away from her). If you understand that you are at the top of the world with a lady, then you are definitely on the right way!

4. Being yourself 

Everyone feels comfortable when he can be himself. We put an invisible barrier between us and some people who do not let this. And your ideal partner accepts you with no barriers. Such lady will not judge you for who you are.

5. Smell 

There is a claim that smell is the strongest of five human senses. If its smell instantly makes you happy or evokes a feeling of love, it's a bright and strong indicator that you've found someone special. In the end, we are all animals and somehow use our nose!

6. Strength 

If you get a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, this lady can take a significant place in your heart. Perhaps this is the one you've been waiting for. If you become the best version of yourself next to her, stronger and more powerful one, then this is the person you need.

7. Empathy 

When she suffers, you do the same thing. If we really love someone, we sympathize with them. If seeing a person suffer affects your mood and physical activity, then this is a clear sign that you could be created for each other.

8. Embrace 

A strong connection with a person when hugging is an important indicator of whether you are compatible with someone. This is a very intimate moment, and if you feel comfortable when embracing your partner, then you definitely met a special woman for you.

9. Calm down 

When you are next to her, you instantly feel calm and can relax. If she has this calming effect on you, then this is the physical sign that you two are a good couple. Your woman should be one with whom you can feel at ease.

10. Echo 

Even after you parted in the evening after a date or a walk, your body still remembers the sensations you experienced just a few moments before. If she leaves an "aftertaste" after herself, even after a long separation, then this is a clear sign that this is the woman you need.

In conclusion

Too many worries in modern world make people often too concerned whether the person they met is “the one”. And if you can not understand whether you met your soul mate, maybe it’s worth calming down and listening to your body? ;)


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