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Dating in Austin Texas — Meet Single Girls and Mature Women in Austin 

Last updated on December 2, 2021

  Austin is the capital city of Texas and has a current population of close to one million people. It is known as the ‘City of the Violet Crown’ due to the beautiful, colorful glow of light that falls upon the hills just after sunset. Austin is known for its wonderfully eclectic music scene which is centered around live Country, Blues, and Rock music. Hiking, swimming, biking, and boating are among some of the city’s most popular pastimes due to the many parks and lakes in the area. Education is key in Austin with many colleges and universities educating future generations. The city is beautiful, diverse and interesting and you are sure to find love here. So, are you ready to find love in Austin, Texas? Read on to find out more!

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Prices in Austin

  When planning any trip, it is very important to know the local prices in the area you are visiting for all of the necessities. This is also true when organizing a date, especially if you plan on paying! Imagine how embarrassing it would be for you if you went to pay and didn’t have enough money. Fortunately for you, we have done a little research into some of the (average) prices for things like coffee, beer, and meals out as well as travel to ensure you are fully equipped with all of the prices in Austin.

  • ⏩  Bottle of water. We all need water and when visiting somewhere new buying it is the only option. If visiting a restaurant in Austin you can expect to pay around $1.70 for a 0.33-liter bottle. This is useful information if you are planning on having water on the table during a date! However, you may be looking to pick some water up on your travels or to get rid of that nervous dry mouth before a date. For just $1.74 you can pop to a local shop or supermarket and buy a 1.5-liter bottle. Keep hydrated without having to take out a small loan!
  • ⏩  Coffee. Most dates, first ones especially, are generally one of two classic date options. The first of these is meeting for a coffee. Seen as the perfect way to get to know each other during the day. In Austin, you can expect to pay around $4.60 for a regular cappuccino. This price will vary depending on the establishment you are in and your hot drink of choice. These prices cannot be argued with and you and your date are sure to enjoy your coffee meet-up without having to worry about the cost!
  • ⏩  Meal. Option two is the long-lasting classic that is going out for dinner. This is the date that allows you both to get to know each other, enjoy a delicious meal, and each other"s company. Visiting a mid-range restaurant for a three-course meal with your date will cost you around $60. Just like meeting for a coffee, the price of these meals will vary depending on the venue and what you both choose to eat!
  • ⏩  Ice Cream. It can get pretty hot in Austin with highs around 37˚C. You certainly don’t want you or your dating overheating! So, what better way to cool down on a roasting day than having a delicious, ice-cold Ice-cream! Small ice cream will cost you around $5 rising to $12+ for a sundae. The more indulgent, and large (!), your ice cream becomes, the more money you will spend. An ice-cream date is quickly becoming as popular as meeting for coffee or a meal so it is advised you know the prices!
  • ⏩  Drinks. You and your date may want to meet for drinks prior to your date or maybe head for drinks after your date. Unlike many cities, this will not cost you the earth! A pint of domestic draught beer will cost you $5 and an imported bottle (0.33 liter) will cost around $7. A decent bottle of wine will cost around $13.50. Cocktails and spirits vary in price so be sure to have a quick look at the menu before ordering!

It’s all well and good knowing how much a coffee costs but you must make sure you know how much it may cost you to get to your date. It is sensible to have a good idea of which transport mode you plan to take and do some research into how to access them, timetables and prices. Prices can change so be sure to do your research.

Transportation in Austin

Dating in Austin

  • ⏩  The city"s has the Capital Metro and Metrorapid bus services that serve city and downtown areas respectively. For just $1.25 for a single fare ($2.50 for a day pass) they are very reasonably priced and a good choice for getting around Austin while providing you and your date with the opportunity to take in the sights!
  • ⏩  There are also 32 miles of light rail that spans from downtown all the way to the northwest suburb of Leander. The price is the same as the bus services and all public transport runs more frequently during rush hour. Services are more limited on weekends and the light rail does not run on Sundays!
  • ⏩  Taxis are one of the quickest, most direct forms of transport in many places all over the world. Austin is no different. The standard fare is $2.50 with an extra charge of $1.50 per kilometer. While this is the most expensive form of public transport it does keep you secure in the knowledge that you will be taken straight to your desired location.

Hotels in Austin

  Knowing the best places to stay is vital information when traveling somewhere new. You may want budget hotels, luxury hotels, or something in between! Below are just some of the hotels you may want to stay in during your visit to Austin.

Dating in Austin

  • ✅  The Colton House hotel is the number one rated hotel in Austin on TripAdvisor. Featuring 80 custom suites, rooms more suitable for single travelers and for all in between the artwork and bespoke furniture will leave you in awe. With such features as a heated pool, fitness center, and a bar/lounge, this wonderful hotel has all you could need! For around $500 per night, this is definitely a luxurious place to stay! Click here to find out more!
  • ✅  The Austin Marriott Downtown is another popular hotel with many visitors coming back for more! Featuring a rooftop pool, three bars, and wonderful restaurants and being situated just minutes away from popular shops and incredible restaurants, make this one of the hottest places to stay in Austin! For around $290 per night, this is a luxury at a much more reasonable price! Want to book your stay? Click here to find out more!
  • ✅  Best Western Plus Austin Central is a much more affordable place to stay when visiting Austin. Featuring a 24-hour gym, an outdoor pool, and a lobby bar. The rooms have free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, and mini-fridges to make your stay very comfortable. Rooms start at around $100 per night which is a very reasonable price for a lovely hotel! Book your trip or find out more here.
  • ✅  The Hilton is a well-known hotel chain that sparks memories of comfort, luxury, and enjoyment. The Hilton in Austin is no different. Situated just one block away from 6th Street and its upbeat music entertainment scene makes it the perfect location for someone looking to get out and about meeting others. Rooms offer WiFi (small fee), flat-screen TV, and very comfortable beds! Upgrade your room to receive free WiFi, free breakfast, and evening appetizers. For around $160 per night, you will receive a very warm welcome, access to a pool and hot tub, and a variety of eating possibilities such as a taco eatery, Texas-inspired bar, and a Starbucks! This hotel truly has all you could ask for so click here to find out more and book!

There are many, many hotels to choose from when visiting Austin so it is important that you conduct a little bit of research to find the best one for you!

Demographic in Austin

  It is estimated that the female population of Austin is around 500,000. This means it will be easy to meet women during your visit. The Ukrainian population of Texas is estimated between 15,000 to 20,000 which means you are likely to meet your Ukrainian romance while in Austin. There are women from all corners of the world so, no matter what you are looking for, you will definitely meet the woman of your dreams while in Austin.

Where to Meet Women in Austin

  So, you have booked your flight, the hotel is sorted and you have the right amount of money. There is one thing left to find out….where can you meet women in Austin, Texas? As with hotels, there are far too many places to list them all here but we have found just a few to get you thinking and give you some ideas!

  • ⭐   Many people are confident enough to walk up to a complete stranger in a bar and strike up a conversation. Sound like you? Then there are many different nightclubs and bars where you could meet the one! Head on down to Shakespeare, Green Light Social, or The Jackalope and you are sure to find many like-minded singles looking for romance. There are a few different bar districts and wonderful nightclubs so either do a little research or ask on arrival!
  • ⭐   There are many malls in Austin where you are likely to meet many women. Head to Barton Creek Square, Southpark Meadows, or Lakeline Mall in the hope of bumping into single women. One smile, holding the door open for a lady, or reaching for the same product could spark a conversation that leads you to find true romance!
  • ⭐   If you visit in the warmer months and pool parties are your thing then you should head over to Edge Rooftop Pool Bar or Azul Rooftop Pool Bar to find some amazing parties. Many singles head to these events in the hope of finding like-minded people to have a good time with and, hopefully, develop a romance with.
  • ⭐   Austin has many parks you could head to for walks, exercise, or to take in the scenery such as Mueller Lake Park with its large lake and amphitheater, Bull Creek District Park with its undeveloped park and beautiful trails, and Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park with its fantastic system of hiking and biking trails. You are sure to find a lovely lady with the same interests as you in one of these beautiful parks!

Dating in Austin

  In truth, you could meet the woman of your dreams anywhere in Austin whether actively searching for her or not! Whether out for a walk, shopping trip or a spot of lunch you could lock eyes with the perfect lady for you and fireworks could erupt! All it takes is one look, one smile, and one ‘hello’ for romance to begin and put you on your way to true happiness!

Online Dating Websites in Austin

In 1995, 12 years after the Internet's conception, online dating began. Twenty-six years later and the online dating world has developed, matured, and grown enormously. While Tinder is the most popular dating site in Austin you can visit other sites such as eHarmony, Elite Singles, or The League and start your journey to finding true love. It is only natural that you may have some questions or worries about online dating, but fear not! Below are some of the positive aspects of online dating!

  • ✌  With online dating, you can really get to know each other without actually meeting in person. This time is pivotal in establishing common ground prior to meeting each other. This time will also mean your first day should be easier, although nerves will surely still be present, as you will both know about each other's interests, hobbies, etc.
  • ✌  Silences can be exceptionally awkward, especially on a date. These can be avoided when meeting someone online as you can always be ‘busy’ or use the time away from the computer to think about questions or topics of conversation.  
  • ✌  Letting someone down face-to-face is not an easy thing to do when a connection is not being made. While this is not a lovely aspect to think about, it does mean that you can let another person know you are not feeling a connection without having to see their reaction!
  • ✌  Dating more than one person in the real world is definitely frowned upon! However, it is common knowledge that most people in the online dating world are talking to more than one person. You can keep your options open without offending anyone.
  • ✌  Online sites help you find exactly, or close enough, what you are looking for. You are able to refine your search based on appearance, interests, religion, etc. Maybe you are looking for your Ukrainian love. Online dating sites can help with this. 

   A very popular site for searching for the Ukrainian Woman of your dreams is https://slavic-girl.com/ This site allows you to search for your ideal Ukrainian woman and read information about dating. The office-based team will assist you in any way they can from helping you talk with women, aiding in the sending of gifts, and arranging your first meeting (and subsequent meetings)! Slavic-Girl offers the option of free chat and paid services. You can also read about their many success stories, with over 700 happy couples being formed, and many relationships leading to wonderfully happy marriages.

   When considering whether to take the leap into online dating or not many people ask themselves…’ is it worth the subscription fees?’ when using a paid site. Others worry about free sites being a scam or not what they say they are. To help you make your choice between using a free or paid website read on!

  • While free sites don’t require any payment this does leave them open to anyone. On a paid online dating site the people that you are talking to will genuinely want to be there and will be serious about finding love. Paid sites give you the peace of mind that the people you are talking with are looking for love, not a cheap laugh or just a one-night stand!
  • Security is paramount. Paid websites offer much tighter security and, more often than not, a dedicated team that will help you throughout your romantic search. Your subscription fee paves the way to finding love by giving you the opportunity to seek assistance and know that who you are talking to is who they say they are. On free sites, it is commonplace that people will often pretend to be someone they are not! It is highly unlikely that someone will pay for the opportunity to pretend to be someone else!
  • Paid websites often screen their members to ensure they are suitable for others to contact. This means that their history etc is explored and if they are deemed to be unsuitable for using the site they are not permitted to do so, thus protecting those who are looking for love.

Dating in Austin During Covid-19

  Covid-19’s impact and hold on the world appears to be easing and restrictions are being lifted all over the world. Traveling to the United States is becoming possible and the country's many cities are ready to welcome back visitors with open arms. While this is positive it is important to stay vigilant, be aware and ensure that we are all as safe as can be. Below are some of the measures/ information you need to be aware of when visiting Houston.

  • ✅  You are encouraged to wear face masks when inside or when attending an outdoor event where it is not possible for you to stay 6 feet away from others. Many businesses are also requiring guests and staff to wear face coverings and may have other safety protocols in place.
  • ✅  Many venues such as restaurants, hotels, and many attractions have an increased focus on cleanliness and social distancing to protect locals and visitors alike.
  • ✅  Testing three to five days after arriving in the United States is still recommended to travelers that are not fully vaccinated.

The restrictions in place change regularly so it is important you keep well informed before you visit. Hopefully, there will come a time soon where such restrictions do not inhibit our traveling or cause us to take extra measures.

Dating in Austin