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Denis (Australia) and Natalia. denis-australia-and-natalia--TP1.jpg

Natalia registered on the site in early 2022, just a few weeks before the war. When the Russian invasion started, her native city Kharkiv was one of the first to suffer from daily shelling, while the infrastructure of the city was gradually being destroyed: water service, electricity supply, food deliveries – all systems of city functioning were out of order while the cold spring came to the country.

Having no further strength to stay so close to the battlefield zone the lady left for Europe and ended up in Belgium where she found support and a place to stay at. It took her some time to regain emotional stability as well as moral and will power in order to continue the search for a life partner.

When Denis saw Natalia’s profile on the site and offered to see each other on Skype, she was already open to acquaintance. They enjoyed life conversation on video chat for about an hour. Since they did not have a preliminary correspondence, they had many questions for each other. After the Skype video call, the couple switched to personal communication.

Some time later, when Denis had a trip to Europe planned, they met each other in reality. And their first date showed that they had that special sparkle between them, so they began a romantic relationship. Just a few months later, the man proposed to the Natalia, and in a couple of months they got married.