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Chulokh (Dubai) and Anna. anna-and-chulokh-dubai-P1q.jpg

When you know what you really want, Universe meets your wishes…

Anna and Chulokh really knew whom they wanted to meet and their desire to achieve their goals made it work…Their communication began with writing letters and in 1,5 month they agreed to have a video conversation. That was a milestone in their relationship – Chulokh came to Ukraine only a week after that video date!

Anna and Chulokh spent 3 days together – went for walks, had dinner together, drove to the neighboring city of Kherson. Before leaving Chulokh invited Anna to visit him in Dubai. She accepted his invitation, took a vacation for the New year celebration, and went to see Chulokh... and since then she has never had a wish to come back! ;)

Anna’s membership in the agency was very short – less than 1 year. She was open to communication with other members, and such a positive attitude helped her to find her love so fast.

That was easy for Chulokh to act as a decisive and determined man as he really wanted to create a family with a real loving woman instead of surfing the internet for years seeking illusory goddesses.


UPDATE 2021:

Chulokh’s brother was so inspired by this amazing love story, that he decided to start his own search for a Ukrainian beauty. And we all hope that soon his search will become a success!