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We are proud to present our happy couples!
Testimonial by Ioanna and David (New Zealand). testimonial-by-ioanna-and-david-new-zealand-s41.jpg
14.12.2020 18:18

Testimonial by Ioanna and David (New Zealand)

Ioanna and David found their happiness during the COVID-2019 pandemic. Their love will conquer all!
Testimonial by Viktoria and Manfred (Germany). testimonial-by-viktoria-and-manfred-germany-363.jpg
07.12.2020 19:39

Testimonial by Viktoria and Manfred (Germany)

Viktoria and Manfred (Germany) came to our office to announce that their relationship is now officially registered!
Tatiana and Nicolas (France) testimonial. tatiana-and-nicolas-france-testimonial-2019-3nW.jpg
07.12.2020 19:38

Tatiana and Nicolas (France) testimonial

Tatiana and Nicolas (France) came to our office after 7 years to say "thank you!" Watch and enjoy!
Leon and Lilia (USA). leon-and-lilia-usa-8F7.jpg
07.12.2020 19:33

Leon and Lilia (USA)

Eager to see modern Cinderella? :) Watch amazing Leon and Lilia engagement moments.
Yana and Pasсal (France) testimonial. yana-and-passal-france-testimonial-1HR.jpg
07.12.2020 19:31

Yana and Pasсal (France) testimonial

Pascal found his beautiful life-partner Yana in our agency. He gladly shares his happiness and feedback with you!
Anastasia and Frank (Germany). anastasia-and-frank-germany-1-sTE.jpg
07.12.2020 19:28

Anastasia and Frank (Germany)

Romantic wedding video of beautiful Anastasia and Frank. Watch and believe in miracles! :)
Nina and Barry (England) testimonial. nina-and-barry-england-testimonial-3RC.jpg
07.12.2020 19:11

Nina and Barry (England) testimonial

Amazingly happy Nina and Barry (England) came to visit our office this week to say "thank you!" Enjoy their testimonial and their love story!
Jim and Elena (USA). jim-and-elena-usa-p7U.jpg
07.12.2020 19:06

Jim and Elena (USA)

True love exists! Watch Jim and Elena's best memorable moments!
Irina and James (England) testimonial. irina-and-james-england-testimonial-72o.jpg
07.12.2020 18:48

Irina and James (England) testimonial

Irina and James came to our office to share their happiness and show that everything is possible if you believe!