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About myself
I am a girl who is serious about meeting the man of her dreams, building a relationship with him in which we will both be happy and forget what loneliness is and if you are looking for the same thing, then I am glad to tell you, that we have found each other... I work as a master tattoo.
I just want you to answer me and together we can prove to each other that we want this...
Write to me in a reply letter with just one answer to my question: “What do you want more than anything in the world now?”
About him
I dream of traveling the whole world with my beloved man and making a photo album where we kiss against the backdrop of every sight. The main thing is that values ​​and meanings coincide with the satellite, and there is a desire to spend time together. Would you like to be part of my photos for the photo album?) Have you already met that woman who could make your heart stop for a moment for a few minutes of happiness next to her? Or are you still looking at the women around you in search of such sincere feelings?