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About myself
I am cheerful communicative girl with many positive features such as kindness, frankness, sense of purpose. I value integrity and honesty in people and try to be frank and honest with everybody and at first with myself. I am open for new things in my life, for traveling, for learning languages, for meeting new people and new cultures. My older sister is married a guy from Denmark, she is example for me and I would like to meet my soulmate somewhere abroad. I really want to create happy family. I am optimist and always believe in better. Not just believe but I try to do everything possible and impossible to make myself and my dear people happy. I like cycle racing very much, that keeps me active and sportive!:) I adore dancing. Sure I like traveling and would like to see many places in the world. I am found of reading romantic novels and watching classical movies, comedies and romantic melodramas. I have many friends so we often spend time together. I like to make surprises to dear people.
About him
I am searching for a kind, honest and reliable man. On my part will be full return of warmth and tenderness. In man I value understanding and confidence, good manners, kind heart, and sense of humor. My man should love me, take care about me and instead I will give him all the doubly. It would be great to create family in the future with kids, cozy house and maybe a dog or a cat:) In my dreams I see it.