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About myself
I am kind, sensitive, and responsible. I adore the outdoors and meeting with friends. I am very good with kids as I love them. I spent hours in the orphanages doing some artworks with kids. I don't know who got more from such lessons. I consider it was me, as kids gave me their gratitude and purity of the perception of the world . I believe that we have to find time and strength to help people around. There is always someone who needs our warmth and our time. I love kind and helpful people - they make this world a better place! I also know that the more we have to do, the more interesting life we have.
I believe we have to take care of ourselves well, as  to be healthy is important  for an active life. I eat healthy and do sports.
I am looking for a man with the same outlook. Together we can be a partner in crime and do a lot of great things together.
About him
I am a very passionate girl, so I am looking for a passionate and sincere relationship. I want me and my beloved man to care about each other and help each other in everything. I want to spend a lot of time together, give each other care and attention.As for me only sincere and honest relationships are healthy. I hope to meet a man with whom I will live an interesting life full of love and happiness .