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Single Ladies
About myself
I am an easy-going smiling girl. I am down to earth. I am a home person. For sure I like meetings with friend and social events but for some occasion.I adore skating. I love it a lot and now I am doing that quite well after many bruises on my knees. During the winter when weather very often is not good for being outdoors I have my reading time. I spend evenings with books. I like helping my mum to plant vegetables. My soul rests when I am somewhere on the seashore listening to land swell.
About him
A honest decent man who I will fell comfortable with and who I may be who I am with. I expect you to make effort to meet me in real as only meeting in real may show us how we feel. I will appreciate you efforts and will do my best to spend maximum time with you when you are here. I want us to be open to speak and listen to each other opinion and stand by each other in any situations. I will not tolerate infidelity and lie. All other situation people may discuss over and overcome. What more I else I want to ti be cleverer and more mature than me and because of that i always will improve myself to be good enough for you.