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About myself
I am cheerful and kind, sensitive and sympathetic, gentle and caring. Like many Slavic ladies, I dream of true love with my future husband, a big family, to see my dear people happy. I dream of living in a cozy house with a garden so that I can enjoy the scent of flowers on summer days and make a snowman and play snowballs in winter. A happy, strong, friendly family is my most cherished dream.
About him
I dream of a kind, caring man with a good sense of humor, who will accept me for who I am, and I will love him for who he is. It is very important that my future husband has a favorite job and hobby, loves children, is reliable and wants to have a big family. I am ready to give my man care, love, support, family warmth and comfort. There will always be deliciously prepared dishes in the house and my man will always feel that he is needed and loved.