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About myself
I can say about myself that I am gentle, kind, open, caring and loving. I have a sense of humor. I work around rough edges, turning them into moments of laughter and understanding) I respect my space and the space of people close to me, their opinions and feelings, because I understand how important it is to be able to be yourself. Tolerant of other people's opinions, because diversity of views enriches our relationships and the world as a whole. I am always motivated by the desire for harmony and beauty, whether in the world around me or in relationships, this helps me create harmonious relationships and appreciate the beauty in the world around me)
About him
I would like if my man will be kind, positive and charismatic, reliable, courageous, calm. The one with goals, and will be not bad if financially stable. I would like he always supports me in my aspirations and ideas. These qualities in a partner as for me help strengthen long-term relationships and create a happy and stable family. I wish for it! I would like he to provide support and stability in relationships, emphasize his masculinity and ability to remain calm in difficult situations. Important to be a family person and to have love, romantic feelings inside)