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About myself
To be sincere I always feel a little bit confused describing myself. Smile. Yes. I’m pretty modest and shy person and when I meet new people I need time to get used to them. But when I begin trusting I show more of my character. Smile. I can say that I have good sense of humor and it’s not embarrassing for me to seem funny. I will gladly make company for a nice walk or some crazy trip to the new place as well as I will stay at home with pleasure and spend time with my beloved man. I’m not picky person and I can value what I have.
About him
As every woman I would like to feel care and support from my man. Yes, I can be strong and independent as this life made do that. But I’d wish to be just a woman in strong and gentle hands of my beloved person. It’s important for me to know that my man is responsible for his words and his actions will real confirmation of them. Moreover if he is kind person with active life position – it’s definitely what I’m looking for. Smile