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About myself
I have been living on a tropical island for a year now. I dreamed about it since childhood. when I was still a little girl, I imagined palm trees, sand, and the azure sea as the highest and most beautiful dream. Now I have grown up and fulfilled this dream, new ones have appeared. Now I want to develop in my field (I've been a DJ for 7 years) and travel a lot around the world. The planet is huge, and life is short, there is still so much to feel and see. I love the stage and love to give joy to people, now I want to scale my talent and my name in order to give myself to even more people, in more massive areas and earn more from it.
About him
I'm looking for an athletic man, caring about his health, with a beautiful well-groomed body, a purposeful person successful business, with dreams and goals, ambitious, able to express his emotions and feelings, able to build a dialogue.