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Going through period of a divorce with his wife was a hard time for Pascal. They have been living separately for many years. Pascal was dreaming to meet a perfect woman and to be happy again. Though, he didn’t know that his destiny was already searching for him! 

Olga from Ukraine was willing to find a partner from abroad and was doing her best to study English. When Pascal came from France to meet her, they both understood that it was love from the first sight! After this fateful meeting Olga decided that she must definitely change the subject of her studies) Her daughter was more lucky as she was studying French at a secondary school.

Pascal managed to get the divorce only a year later after meeting Olga. She was blessed with patience not to hurry her beloved in vain. When the time came, the whole newly created family moved to France. By this time Olga had learned some French and her daughter had completely no Ukrainian accent when speaking French! The young girl got used to her new life perfectly. When you make enough effort to be happy, the destiny always meets your desires :)