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Christopher (USA) and Natalia. natalia-and-christopher-usa-4x9.jpg

Searching for love is not a task for a single day. It may take even some years. The positive thing is that sometimes you get something completely different in the end, other that you initially searched!

The same has happened with Christopher from USA. He came to Ukraine in 2015 willing to get acquainted with the woman he was corresponding with. As we always recommend our clients, personal meeting is something that shows whether people are compatible. After a couple of meetings he understood that there is no sparkle between him and the lady. This was about to become a sad lonely autumn for Christopher. But every cloud has a silver lining!

Knowing about his arrival SlavicGirl dating agency manager advised Christopher to give a chance to another lady to win his heart. Luckily, he accepted this offer and meet another Ukrainian girl who liked him solely by photos. For sure, there was no correspondence between the two of them. And miracle has happened!

Christopher and Natalia had only one meeting with interpreter as the lady speaks English fluently. So, the two people proceeded their communication in their own, getting to know each other gradually during Christopher’s visits to Mykolaiv every 1,5 months.

Christopher was willing to have family and children, and Natalia supported him gladly even though they had 17 years of age difference! Natalia fell in love with this charming gentleman as she was getting to know him gradually. She also visited his wonderful country house in USA in summer 2016.

After the first visit Natalia applied for a guest visa for the second time and got a refusal. By this time Christopher and Natalia already knew that they wish to spend the rest of their lives together. The couple tied the knot in September 2016 and the lady applied for a visa as a wife already. The whole procedure took 6-7 months, so in summer 2017 Natalia was able to move to USA with all her possessions.

At present our couple lives happily together. Natalia has found some pastime for herself as an ecologist. Her husband fulfilled his photographer’s talent having his beautiful wife by his side.