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Pascal (France) and Irina. irina-and-pascal-france-Sc9.jpg

Finding time to meet new, interesting people and developing a relationship with them becomes more difficult every year. Therefore, time devoted by someone is valued particularly. And numerous love stories prove this.

Pascal has never been in nuptial and communicated with several ladies to increase his chances to find love. Just imagine that only one woman was brave and proactive enough to make an international ID to go and visit him in France! She also started attending language courses to be able to communicate with Pascal.

Irina and Pascal both knew that love is not build in one day. They spent a vacation in Turkey, and then again in France. But the third time Irina applied on visa she got a refusal. By that time Pascal knew already that he does want to spend life with this wonderful woman and started performing his plan.

The necessary documents were gathered soon and in the next visit to Mykolaiv Pascal proposed to Irina and soon after announced her to be his lawful life-partner. He also helped Elena’s adult daughter to move and found a dwelling for her.

If you wish to be happy, don’t just sit and wait. Love comes to those who strive for it and try multiple chances to find it!