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Dearmid (England) and Elena. elena-and-dearmid-P7g.jpg
Elena is a shy lady by her nature, but she was eager to find her love and become happy. She wasn't sure whether it is worth to give a try to a SlavicGirl Dating Agency. That is why she suggested this option to her best friend Svetlana  a beautiful single lady. And guess what? Everything went perfect! After getting espoused with her beloved Svetlana brought Elena to our agency as well. Besides the love story of Svetlana is also here on our site!
Dearmid unlike Elena is an assertive and active man. He came to visit her in Ukraine and won her heart. Although, he is much older than Elena, this didn’t stop the couple from building their common future. And soon they announced about their wedding!

A funny fact about the couple:

both — the lady and her translator — didn’t know how to spell the man’s name correctly. Therefore, they were naming him “Dear Mad”, which made the man laugh :) Sense of humor is something that unites people!


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