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Natalya and Tony (France). natalya-and-tony-france-p3M.jpg

The story of this couple can show us that life is unpredictable and sometimes when you think everything is awful in your life, the truth is that your life is changing for better. ;)

Before getting acquainted Tony and Natalya were sure they had already found their love. But relationships they were in didn’t develop in the best way. Something was missed. So, we admire the courage of Tony who decided to continue his search even after getting fresh scars on his heart from one of Ukrainian ladies. Tony chose several ladies from our site and started to write them letters in order to understand which lady matched him better. To his good luck Tony’s interpreter noticed that he had same life goals and life attitude with Natalya and recommended to write to her as well. Tony and Natalya have found many common topics. They both took part in charity projects, loved handmade and had same priorities in life.

Tony showed himself as a very caring, kind and romantic man. He spoiled Natalya with flowers, small gifts and surprises. Natalya was happy to discover such qualities in her admirer and rated them highly.

Usually ladies prefer to have first meeting in their home town. But Tony was our VIP client and we knew him well. So, Natalya decided to go to France and be his guest there.

After spending a week together, they understood that had found what they were looking for! Even without speaking the same language. ;) So, when our clients say they worry about language barrier, we smile. We know for sure that hearts speak louder than lips. And electronic translators do a good job. ;)