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- Hello, my name is James. I am 72. I am from London. I've been searching in Ukraine for 11 years. I finally met my wife Irina in Nikolaev. We met just nearly two years ago. We traveled a little bit. And we finally got married in March of this year. Irina is currently on a visa in London where is she studying English. And hopefully, we get a wife visa and leave to stay. I joined Slavic Girl. I find this agency very genuine, as you can see. And very important to have a good interpreter if your lady can't speak English. And Natasha from Slavic Girl is a number one interpreter.
- Ladies, I want to say from myself. I am grateful to Slavic Girl Agency for their work and their assistance in the search for my significant other half. So, don't be scared to try, date, communicate, your happiness in your hands. You are capable of everything! I wish luck to all of you!