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Richard (USA) and Galina. galina-and-richard-usa-bdj.jpg

When Galina came to the SlavicGirl dating agency, she didn’t know English at all. She is a positive lady who was actively searching for life-partner.

Richard is a well-balanced, kind-hear ted and caring man. He was in his sixties when he turned to a matchmaking site to search for a lady. And luckily he found her in Ukraine!

This was not a story full of drama and breathtaking details. The two people simply met, fell in love and spent a whole week together in Nikolaev. They had several meetings with translator, and then without one, as true feelings help to establish a new common language) Galina and Richard had fun and went to a skating-rink. And the age difference of almost 20 years didn’t bother them at all!

An interesting fact about the couple:

Like every Ukrainian lady Galina values when her man can do something with his hands, so she decided to check how good at housekeeping Richard is. She asked him... to fix a leaking tap in her apartment. :) And he perfectly showed his skill!

Galina started to study English when her beloved left. And a year later she came to USA as his lawful espouse! Her son and daughter joined their mother and moved to USA. Galina has 2 children, and Richard has 4 children, so we guess, that both parents are happy these days, having a big and tight-knit family! :)