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Richard (USA) and Elena. elena-and-richard-usa-443.jpg


Sometimes we meet certain people in our life – men and women – who we don’t need to explain anything to. Like-minded persons understand each other even in complete silence. And this story is about one of such couples :)

Elena has been corresponding with Richard for three or four months before he came to see her. They both are accountants and immediately understood that they have similar mind on many things in life. Elena didn’t know English but, as you can guess, twin souls find another language for communication :)

Richard had spent almost three weeks in Mykolaiv. All these days he was meeting Elena daily and took a chance to get acquainted with Elena’s daughter. Right after Richard left to USA the couple started to make the fiancee visa and tied the knot soon.

Are you eager to know what other details make this couple so special?) The age difference between Elena and Richard is almost 20 years! So, in you are 60 y.o. it is never too late tо search for love!