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March, 8th is coming!. march-8th-is-coming-pim.jpg

Maybe you have never heard about this holiday, but it makes Slavic women wait for spring more impatiently. ;) For more than 100 years this day has been the day of flowers, smiles, presents, and family reunions on the territory of former Soviet countries. It is also an official day off in Ukraine. We call it International Women’s Day.

That is really a big deal here and March, 7th is the day for parties at work and praising all women there. If you are a boss and have Slavic women working for you – find the way to cheer them up this day, they will be thankful to you. Attentive loving men get ready for this day beforehand and order or buy presents for their mothers, girlfriends, wives, daughters. But flowers are a must, so in March, the 8th they have to get up earlier and hunt for a nice bouquet of roses or spring flowers for their ladies. That would be a shame for a Ukrainian woman not to get at least flowers and a box of chocolates this day. As one can imagine, prices for flowers are 2-3 times higher during the holiday. But we have good news for our clients - we will not change our prices for flowers or presents. We keep them the same all year round. 
There is a big choice of presents here.
Also, we have a special suggestion of tender spring flowers for your lady and some new items that will be appreciated by men with refined taste. Check it right now and make your Slavic Woman feel special this day! 
And yes, you should show love to your Ukrainian lady every day, not one day a year! March, 8th can be a good start. ;)