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Todd (USA) and Natalia. natalia-and-tod-usa-8t7.jpg

Natalia’s search for love was not an easy one. She has got many disappointments before she came to the SlavicGirl dating agency. Many potential relationships didn’t work the way she imagined and planned. She was gradually loosing hope to find the “right” man for her future life.

When Natalia met Todd everything appeared to be different. He was a mature man with strong values in life and his own business. Todd was really interested and was willing to make the relationship work. Together Todd and Natalia learned to accept good and bad sides and habits of a partner. They learned to care about each other, to solve common problems and grow together spiritually.

Both managed to go through all the hard times and remained together. Everything is easier with a right person by your side. Natalia finally moved to US and was happily accepted by Todd’s family. She got used to the new environment soon as Todd surrounded his spouse with care and love.

Nowadays Natalia cares about the house like all the Ukrainian women do, and even helps Todd to run his business.