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Eric (Finland) and Valentina. valentina-and-eric-finland-6J7.jpg

Genuine connection of souls cannot be measured by financial status. And sometimes women are misled by witty men who want to find a truly devoted lady!)

When Valentina met Eric on the website, he told her, that he is a poor poet, living in a hut and has little money to live on. He was interested to get to know her but had no opportunity to come and see her in Ukraine. So, he invited her to Finland for a personal meeting.

Valentina found an opportunity to travel and visit Eric. She got a Finnish visa and set off to meet her pen-friend. Can you imagine her astonishment when she found out that he was a famous poet living in a nice detached house!

SlavicGirl team cannot say that such a strategy is a good one, though it sometimes used by our clients)) We recommend being honest in any relationship from the very beginning. Who else can you trust if not your life partner? ;)