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Andreas (Switzerland) and Olga. olga-and-andreas-switzerland-BVy.jpg

Olga is positive and calm lady, and her primary wish was to have a family. After she got registered by the SlavicGirl marriage agency she received letters from lots of different men. The only thing Olga couldn’t find the one she would feel comfortable with.

Everything has changed when she met Andreas. He came to Ukraine to meet her in person. The age difference between them was not big, so she felt a real connection with him. He also liked Olga and invited her to come to Switzerland for a visit. They matched each other so well, that Andreas decided to get acquainted with Olga’s parents per Skype while she still was his guest.

An interesting fact about the couple:

Andreas asked for Olga’s parents’ blessing wearing a white shirt and… shorts! Indeed, who cares about anything that is not seen with the camera on Skype?)))

During the next visit of Andreas to Ukraine he and Olga got married. Then she moved to Switzerland as his lawful wife. Since then, as far as we know, they live happily together.

P.S, Do you always have your apartment neat and tidy when talking to a Ukrainian lady on a video chat?))