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Mike (Germany) and Maryna. maryna-and-mike-germany-4gG.jpg


By the time Maryna got registered in SlavicGirl dating agency she had had no children and had never been in wedlock. She got acquainted with many men, but no one touched her heart. Meanwhile, for half a year she had a correspondence with Mike, a restaurant chief from Great Britain who spent his whole life in Germany.

Maryna spoke English well enough to go on dates with Mike when he arrived. It was his first coming to Ukraine and the first correspondence with a lady. Maryna knew he likes football, and used to be a professional player. So, she presented him with a clock of a soccer-ball shape, a card and a box of chocolates which surprised him much. He also brought presents for her.

On the following day, the lady had a sore throat, so she was about to refuse to meet Mike for the second time. The man showed care and concern about Maryna’s health, even suggested buying some medicine for her. That impressed Maryna much, and she did everything to feel better and be able to meet him again. Luckily, this second date became the start of a long-lasting relationship and a nuptial! 

After this initial acquaintance in Mykolaiv, the couple communicated on Viber and Skype every day. Mike started to visit Ukraine once a month and brought Maryna to different Ukrainian cities to explore them. He surrounded Maryna with his care so tightly that soon she couldn't imagine her life without him!

Maryna and Mike had a lovely nuptial ceremony in Mykolaiv and now happily live in Germany. Be sure, that care and courtesy play a significant role in gaining woman’s loyalty!