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Morgan (France) and Katherine. katherine-and-morgan-france-1yh.jpg

If God prepared a special person for you, you have to be patient to wait until you find that one. That is probably the reason why Katherine has not been successful in her search for love for many years until she got acquainted with Morgan, a Frenchman 5 years older than she.

Morgan was impressed by Kate’s beauty and wrote the first letter to her in September 2015. Kate was very much interested in Morgan but she found it hard to open herself to the man. Both wrote long detailed letters to each other. They were corresponding for 3-4 months and discussed their families, plans for future life, etc. Morgan was about to come for a personal meeting in January.

When Katherine and Morgan finally met, they asked the interpreter for 1 hour of assistance and then tried to communicate without any help despite Kate’s elementary level of English. Can you imagine that just after 3 days they said that they are ready... to create family! Soon after the happy couple decided on all the details of the future ceremony.

Before the espousal Kate and Morgan went to Turkey in March and spent a vacation there. Their lovely ceremony took place in France in July 2015. Since then they have been living happily together. These days Kate and Morgan raise a common child :)