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Denis (England) and Irina. irina-and-denis-england-js8.jpg

Denis is a true Englishman, well-mannered and easy-going. The acquaintance of the couple was ordinary and nobody expected something special.

Irina and Denis had correspondence on the site. After a while Denis came to visit the lady to get acquainted in person. The communication was nice, because Irina spoke English well enough for them to understand each other.

Inspired by his first visit, Denis came to Mykolaiv again and stayed for 1-2 months to check his feelings. After that he invited Irina to come to England for a visit. And soon the happy couple registered their espousal! :)

Later on, Irina wrote an e-mail to the SlavicGirl agency staff: she was thankful to the team for help, and for her wonderful beloved she found through the agency!

Interesting fact about the couple:

Denis is almost 15 years older than Irina, but his young spirit, neat appearance and pro-activeness helped him win lady’s heart! The main skill one should have is finding common language with others easily.