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Axel (France) and Alena. alena-and-axel-france-Zw9.jpg

When Axel started looking for a potential life partner, Alena draw his attention as she was speaking French. The two people exchanged a couple of letters and photos, and had a video chat. Soon after he decided on visiting Ukraine to meet Alena in person.

During a date with an interpreter Alena and Axel immediately found common language. The shy, sophisticated and intelligent man was completely into joyful and active Ukrainian lady! Axel invited Alena to visit him in France.

Axel prepared everything carefully for Alena’s arrival. He worked at two jobs and managed to buy a large house. So, he offered the lady building a “family nest” together, and she agreed! :)

When Alena returned to Ukraine from this journey, she proceeded with her work until all the documentary is ready. After a while she moved to France together with her small son. :) A wonderful ceremony followed and now the happy couple lives together. :) Alena has found new friends in France quite soon!

Interesting fact about the couple:

Alena was about to cook borscht for Axel at his rented apartment in NIkolayev to impress him with her cookery talent. Though there was no big pot at the flat, so the lady used the kitchen utensils that were available)))) For sure, we fixed this afterwards ;)