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Girls from Ukraine. girls-from-ukraine-N6I.jpg
26.12.2020 13:06

Girls from Ukraine

Why are Ukrainian girls so special? You can find out!
Zodiac Compatibility. zodiac-compatibility-19I.jpg
22.11.2020 22:30

Zodiac Compatibility

Can horoscopes help in building relationships? What do the stars say about choosing the best way of winning your woman’s heart? You can make your own
5 weddings in Sept/Oсt 2020!. 4-weddings-in-september-Zj1.jpg
26.10.2020 13:18

5 weddings in Sept/Oсt 2020!

Great inspiring news for our clients! Life hasn't stopped because of COVID-19 and love still rules our planet! We helped to start several new couples and
Travel restrictions are out of date!. travel-restrictions-are-out-of-date-D76.jpg
02.10.2020 14:27

Travel restrictions are out of date!

Ukrainian borders are open for travelers again! Follow simple instructions for a safe and comfortable trip!
Ukrainian borders are open again!. ukrainian-borders-are-open-again-TU7.jpg
16.06.2020 16:46

Ukrainian borders are open again!

You still have time to enjoy new possibilities for summer rest in Ukraine;) Borders are open!
Overcome coronavirus with Love! ❤. overcome-coronavirus-with-love--6Kw.jpg
24.03.2020 19:31

Overcome coronavirus with Love! ❤

When you have a clear goal, the free time you have because of lockdown can be an advantage! Stay with us and get ready for big changes in your personal
How to marry a Russian woman. -how-to-marry-a-russian-woman-58U.jpg
18.03.2020 09:19

How to marry a Russian woman

If you are looking for a Slavic wife, ready to fall in love with a beautiful woman but do not know how to find a decent lady - this information will be
March, 8th is coming!. march-8th-is-coming-pim.jpg
05.03.2020 16:55

March, 8th is coming!

Do not miss an important local holiday for women! There are special traditions in celebrating it and if you follow them, your Slavic date will be happy
St. Valentine
12.02.2020 20:06

St. Valentine's wishes from Slavic Women

A very special surprise for you from our gorgeous ladies! Do not miss it!
Video surprizes from Ukrainian ladies!. video-surprizes-from-ukrainian-ladies-bT2.jpg
21.12.2019 15:39

Video surprizes from Ukrainian ladies!

A wonderful New Year surprise from Ukrainian beauties;)