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About myself
I am loyal and respectful. I know how to appreciate and thank for everything that my partner does. I can help with advice if necessary or distract from worries. I am emotionally stable and empathic. I can be silent, although I like to talk. I am very flexible. I am generous with praise and give compliments to my man. I respect people's personal space. I am responsible and honest, successful in my endeavors and used to doing what I love. Creative, calm nature, intelligent and educated.
About him
I am here to create a long-term relationship with a man (future husband and partner for life) with the prospect of creating a family based on love, trust and respect, common values ​​and interest to each other. My dream is to equip my home in accordance with all ideas about comfort and good taste. Educated, mature mentally, with a good sense of humor and self-irony, respectful, loving and caring. He is able to listen and open his soul. He wants to live a long and happy life as a couple and enjoy every day.