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About myself
I am a perfect mix of natural intelligence, charm and beauty. I am dynamic woman with an endless zest for life and a good sense of humor. I guess I was born with 200% battery life that is enough for three women. :) Guess why? It is because I am Aries Woman who radiates confidence and innocent charm of a child. I am gentle and fiery; romantic and courageous. I am fascinated by the challenge. I am kind, optimistic and easy to get alone with people. I enjoy spending time with my friends and my family. I always treat them with my little culinary masterpieces. I love long walks in the nature, play volleyball or practice belly dance. My creativity expresses in many ways. I am passionate about making desserts, painting, knitting and doing embroidery. I read a lot and also like to relax watching a good movie. These activities are delicious food for my soul. And what is favorite food for your soul and body?
About him
It is important for me to meet a man who is kind, attentive and reliable. The man of my dreams is confident and purposeful, yet he is caring and loving. He values family. I think it is important to have relationship based on trust, respect, mutual care and sincerity. My beloved man knows how to find a compromise in solving important life issues. He is confident, purposeful, yet generous person. I am looking for intelligent and responsible man. I desire to love and to get love in return. It will be lovely to share our values, some interest and activities. I am sure if there is love, affection, loyalty and trust in relationship they will be lasting and happy.:)