About myself
Kind and positive, cheerful , friendly, sociable and optimistic- I can tell it all about my character.;) I would also add romantic, feminine and sensual…I have huge heart full of love which I am going to give to my future life partner. If you ask me what else I would like to give to my man, I will say- all my care, my devotion and my tenderness.:) I have a sense of humour and I like joking, I like to smile and just to enjoy every day of my life.;)
About him
It is very important to be happy, I think… So, for my complete happiness I need a wonderful man, who will also give me his heart and his hand and we will walk through life together. :) what kind of character I search for? I need a reliable, active, positive minded, life loving and optimistic person next to me.;) He is always open to learning new things, visiting new interesting places. He also loves nature and animals, he has kind heart. As I like good conversation, I hope he will be interesting to talk with.;) I think life is easier when you have a loving heart next to you. I believe it is the truth.:)
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