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Single Ladies
About myself
My personality is easy to understand- I think that I am not a complicated person with whom it’s easy to communicate and make friendship. I have a lot of friends and not only in the city where I live. Pity it is not so much time to meet all of them often! I am a calm, reasonable and loving person. I like life and healthy way of life! And also I find it important to develop myself now and than. Like to study and open new things about the world:)
About him
I am the person who does not like to “sit in one place” or to stay in inert state of mind. I choose activity for myself and try to fill my life with positive attitude and activity. I used to go to a gym and play table tennis. I also like to travel so much. There is a few countries which I have already visited, but still keep some in my mind which I should see:) I also like to read, because it is one another opportunity to make a travel….but in this meaning, in your mind:) But no matter what I do...nothing can substitute time with my daughter.