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About myself
People say I'm kind and smart. I like to see in people only good promises to this world. People are not perfect in each of us there are good and bad traits. In my opinion, communication with positive people makes us kinder, and vice versa. I have been smart since childhood. Therefore, learning foreign languages is quite easy for me. I dabbled in many different areas of work, but what I had in common was my ability to communicate with people. Therefore, I consider myself a sociable and friendly person. The most important thing for me is family. I dream of being happy with the long-awaited future chosen one and creating a strong friendly family.
About him
I will be glad to meet a purposeful and self-sufficient man who appreciates femininity and sportiness in a woman. It is important for me that a man be kind-hearted and family-oriented with the dream of having a family and appreciating family values. I like strength in men and I will be glad if my future husband and I find a common sport that will bring joy from spending time together. I am in awe of smart and quick-witted men. I believe that intelligence adds sexuality to a man.