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About myself
I am a kind-hearted and friendly young woman:) I like to make new acquaintances and it is easy for me to make friends. I think my responsive personality attracts people:) I am hospitable and I like to invite guests to my house... but at the same time I am calm. I like to smile and discover new things. Yes, I am curious:) when it comes to my work, I am serious, responsible... and even-tempered. This quality helps me in everyday life as well:)
About him
I know that opposites attract, but I would like my future husband to be more like me. I am a calm and responsible person, and I would like a man of my dreams also to have a kind heart, someone who does not like to argue. Also, I hope he is serious and goal-oriented, and successful... but if not yet, I could be his muse and inspire him on getting success:) good wives can do it:) he is also active, because I would like us to see new places together and we could open new things for each other as well:) for me, a man's character is more important than his appearance... his inner world is in a priority for me:)