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About myself
I can be different. It depends on my condition, situations and people with whom I interact. I can be very open and sociable, but I can also be closed and secretive. I can be soft and gentle, but also tough and harsh. I can be active and energetic and I can be calm and reserved. I have a kind heart and a brave soul. Empathetic, caring, cheerful, emotional, easy to talk to. Ambitious, purposeful, creative, I go beyond limits, nothing is impossible for me. I love adventures. I constantly work on myself, engage in my personal and spiritual development, and cultivate the best in myself.
About him
I really hope that I can meet my man here... I hope that he will be reliable and honest person who is ready to love and to be loved….I do not want to have a lot of requests to my future man but if we talk about the ideal then I see him as a happy, a leader, works for himself and he likes what he does, he enjoys it, is engaged in his self-development, caring, kind, open, plays sports and has an athletic build, with a sense of humor… I understand that no one is perfect, but I believe that each of us can be ideal even with our own shortcomings and characteristics for one person.