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About myself
I am a calm and balanced person. I am convinced that patience helps in many life’s situations. I am open to everything that is new to me and am not afraid of changes in life. I have an optimistic character and believe all changes are for the better. I do not like to waste time and can’t stay without work for a long time. That’s why I always find something interesting to do. In relationships I am a devoted and loving partner. I have a lot of love to share it with the right man.
About him
I admire purposeful and determined men who strive to achieve their goals in life and do not leave things unfinished. My life’s partner is reliable, trustworthy and caring person. I feel good with a man who is easy-going and can lead a conversation. Communication is very important to me. Cheerful disposition is better than being too serious all the time. It would be an advantage if he is fond of healthy lifestyle.